So I entered a contest…

I think what really inspired me to get blogging was seeing other blogs and admiring their creativity and motivation to action. A blog I follow and really enjoy reading is one called Life of an Architect by Bob Borson. Mr. Borson recently decided to host a Playhouse Design Competition for Dallas Casa and I would like to sort-of “re-post” his invitation to you. Exciting isn’t it, being creative and exercising the brain? Let me emphasize that no prior design background is needed to enter. You could be a very creative dentist and still be just as welcome to submit a design. Oh, and did I mention it is free to enter? Still not motivated? Ah, perhaps if I include some images of my own design in the works, you may see how fun it could be to liberate your inner child and dance vicariously through design…

Exterior Perspective


Interior Perspective








Axon-Section, only the wood frame




Thanks for reading!




  1. It’s a great design. I hope you win the contest!

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