Blight of Hand (well, wrist actually)

My wife is an extremely observant woman. In reference to my being an architect, I am actually rather jealous of this quality of hers. Knowing this, when she brought to my attention that I have lately been habitually flexing my wrist back and forth, I was inclined to brush it off as a meaningless tic. Unfortunately, it began to worry me as well when this wrist flexion came accompanied by slight pain in my joints. *Que dramatic music of death. Bom Bom BOM! It’s every architect’s nightmare…..carpal tunnel syndrome.

Median Nerve

The median nerve controls sensation in the thumb, index, middle, and half of the ring finger.

Carpal tunnel is basically the sensation caused by pressure against the median nerve. More specifically, carpal tunnel refers to pressure applied near the wrist which causes pain, numbness or inflammation. What causes this pressure? Well, I am glad you asked, Reader. Many a writer, architect, secretary, typist or frequent keyboard-and-mouse operator often place pressure on the inside of their wrist. The tightening of the arm muscles can pinch the median nerve and cause a development of carpal tunnel. Alright, enough information.

Being the self-medicating personality that I am, I hastened to my computer to see what google had to offer in the way of remedies. Unfortunately there isn’t much outside of surgery for extreme cases and ibuprofen for all else. Nevertheless, I shall not be defeated! I have decided to use my brain and here is what I have come up with:

What I did to relieve my carpal tunnel is very simple. I sued my boss’s company for making me work on the computer all day which paid for surgery.

Just kidding! Please do not do that. You never read that…………… Read what? Exactly.

I targeted the source of problem which was the frequent twisting of my hand while using a computer mouse. Have you ever seen those ergonomic keyboards with the hump in the middle? They work for carpal tunnel because your hands’ most natural position is what doctors and professionals call the “Karate Chop Position.” Unfortunately, ergonomic mice are much more expensive than regular mice. I don’t have that kind of money, so I rigged up a solution which may help you too, Afflicted Reader. Simply use one of those three-ring binders laying around your office or home as a mouse pad. You know, the ones that rarely get used and take up space on your shelf. The wedge of the binder kept me from having to twist my hand flat while using the mouse. It took about a day for me to feel results in my hand. No more inflammation or throbbing. Thank your Carpal Wedge! Patent Pending…

Carpal tunnel solution, ergonomic mouse pad

Carpal Wedge Mouse Pad: "Fighting pain with ACUTE angles."

I hope this works for you as well as it did for me! Please leave me a comment with any solutions you have used for carpal tunnel.




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