Let’s Build A House…..for birds

As an architect, it is often difficult to flex your creative muscles and, at the same time, meet all of your clients’ needs. In fact, I sometimes find that the most creative designs that inspire me are indeed design SOLUTIONS to the client’s problems. It is very difficult for students to realize this immediately.

In school, my professors never took any architectural bells and whistles for granted. A reason must be given for all angles, criss-crossing grids and playful geometries, otherwise the design is not a design, but a collision of incoherent parts. These parts may be interesting individually, but the whole picture suffers. The design suffers.

So where is this lecture leading? Well, I am glad you asked…

I have designed a bird house. More specifically, I have design a Purple Martin bird house. Yes, birds can be clients too. In fact, the Purple Martin, so I read on the internet, is almost entirely reliant on humans for housing. Talk about a healthy market.

So anyway, here are some images of my Purple Martin Bird House. These plans are totally free for your use although I ask only one thing….Should you decide to build one please send me photos. I would love to hear your thoughts and see your craftmanship.

Happy bird-watching…


Purple Martin modern house

Purple Martin modern house

Plan 1

Purple Martin modern house

Plan 2

Purple Martin modern house

Plan 3

Purple Martin modern house

Plan 4

Purple Martin modern house



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