About Me

Me_hotdogI am a recent graduate of Southern Polytechnic State University’s School of Architecture.  Currently, I work with an architectural firm in middle Georgia as an intern specializing in K-12 schools and municipal architecture. I am logging IDP credit hours for my architect’s license and planning to go back to school for a post-graduate masters degree. I have recently joined the ranks of the AIA as an associate member.

My architectural interests are capricious, and never fixed on any one aesthetic or typology. I value intelligence, and I like using big words, even if I have to look them up prior to using them. I love writing, though I do not consider myself a great writer. Certainly, I am literate, though not particularly articulate or eloquent. Perhaps this is why I write; to better express myself; a must for any architect.

This blog is my experiment, my trial run, and hopefully, an impetus against stagnation and banality as it pertains to forward progress in life and in my architecture.


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