The Third and the Seventh

A while back, when I was in architecture school, I spent countless hours scouring the internet looking for “design inspiration” (aka: staying up too late and refusing to work on my studio projects) . It was during this allotted procrastination time that I came across this video called “The Third and the Seventh” by Alex Roman. I think you all should check it out as it really is an incredible short film. I know this all sounds kinda dirty so far, but I assure you it will not disappoint.

Please click here or above to see the film at Alex’s website. Enjoy and be inspired!

(*The Third and the Seventh film is a creation by Alex Roman, as is the featured image accompanying this entry. I am in no way affiliated with its creation, even though I wish I was. Kudos, Alex.)



One comment

  1. Apparently the only recorded footage he used was of himself and I think the grass/flowers, everything else is digital. Amazing animation… I used to watch it almost daily 😉

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